Lupo di Mare

via Marina, 52
Barletta (Barletta-Andria-Trani)


0883 885040   

About us

The Lupo di Mare Restaurant is located in Piazza Marina 52, in Barletta. It offers a typical Apulian cuisine, focusing on refined and tasty fresh fish. This is basically a barbecue restaurant that offers the simple flavours of the Adriatic.
The owner, Mr Francesco is always in search of culinary perfection: every morning he personally chooses fresh caught fish to serve in his restaurant, selecting the best types of olive oil and constantly paying attention to new products, preferring quality above all.
This means that the Lupo di Mare customers can always find the highest quality cuisine but also a friendly, efficient and organized service.
Our menu offers typical and traditional seafood from Barletta. We chose not to serve particularly sophisticated dishes, as we believe that good fresh fish should be enjoyed in the simplest way and respecting old culinary traditions.


The gastronomic offer and our seafood specialities!
Here you can enjoy tasty seafood appetizers, seafood salads and octopus salads, the freshest raw seafood, pasta with mussels and our seafood specialties choosing your fish directly from our little fishmonger’s corner set up inside the restaurant, which always guarantees you fresh fish! Our specialties are: grilled octopus, roast fish, grilled swordfish, and a mixed fried fish made strictly with our tasty Adriatic fishes.

All meals are cooked to order so it could happen sometimes to wait a few minutes before enjoying our delicious menu!

Fresh fish, quality, friendly environment, tradition and creativity are the ingredients of our restaurant. We combine fresh fish to local flavours to create culinary delicacies that become a unique experience for the palate.


Come and visit us, we will make you feel at home.  



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