Ruvo di Puglia



Ruvo di Puglia is a town in the province of Bari about 25,800 inhabitants located at the very edge of the Murge. 

The ruvese territory, including in the Park of Alta Murgia, has the characteristics typical of the Apulian karst landscape with sinkholes, caves and blades. 

Today the city is devoted to agriculture, with large areas of crops producing wine, olive trees and crops that make it one of the largest farmers of the province of Bari

What to see

Among the most beautiful sights of Ruvo di Puglia, there is the Cathedral, an important example of Apulian Romanesque style  from the early twelfth century. 

Among the most beautiful examples of religious architecture, are also worth mentioning the church with the Convent of the Dominicans, built in the seventeenth century in late baroque style, and the Church of St. Angelo, built in the sixteenth century which treasures guards the Adoration of the Magi, painted by the Flemish painter Hovic in the ‘ 600. 

Among the best examples of civil architecture, Palazzo Jatta, typical mansion designed by front Bitonto Louis Castellucci an architect from Bitonto and whose façade was built using local stone, today its the residence of the National Archaeological Museum "Jatta".


  • February 3 - Festival in honor of St. Biagio, patron of the city 
  • Easter Sunday - Procession of the Risen Christ and the outbreak of Quarantane 
  • December 13 – Bonfire in honour of  St. Lucia 


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