Almond of TORITTO

In Puglia, especially in the province of Bari, the almond was once widespread. Today the main area of ​​cultivation and production of the almond is in the town of Toritto the border between pre-and Alta Murgia, where they develop various native cultivars that bear the name of ancient citizens Torittesi: the Antonio De Vito and Filippo Cea , of which the “mother” plant survives in a place of called the Matine of Toritto. The latter, in particular, is still widespread among the almond and has excellent characteristics: a high oil content and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a low acidity and an intense flavor, but at the same time, balanced with final hints of butter. The remarkable softness makes it ideal for the use in confectionery.
The almond is one of the main protagonists of the Apulian pastry in the form of Pasta Reale and "pink cake" in particular, but is also eaten naturally, just to munch on after being slightly roasted and deprived on the skin. One of the most frequent ways of consumption is caramelized and therefore "crunchy".

Production Area: City of Toritto area - Province of Bari 

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