Caciocavallo Podolico from Gargano

A herd of Podolice cows grazing in the Gargano- Puglia, in the heart of Gargano National Park, is a show you'll never forget.
With their straight profile, their gaze turned on, large solemn horns, the gray coat that shines against the backdrop of the woods and Mediterranean vegetation, they inspire a sort of sacred calm. But admiring them is one thing, raising them is another. With the milk extraordinary cheeses are made, first of all, the typical Caciocavallo Podolico del Gargano, produced in very small quantities and only at certain times of the year.

One can therefore understand how this race, once dominant on the Italian territory, is now confined to a few areas of Puglia, where the pasture is poor, the water is very little,therefore difficult to survive. The nucleus still present Puglia Gargano, is still consistent but the caciocavallo cheese is actually intended for home consumption or marketing strictly in the Puglia area. The Caciocavallo Podolico is a noble cheese, which isn’t used for cooking, but as a table cheese. It has an extraordinary capacity in aging. Indeed, only after several months its takes its particular characteristics: those hints of mown grass, flowers, love, vanilla and spices that make it one of the most aromatic cheeses in Italy.

Production area: Gargano - Foggia Province

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