Carpino's Beans

The clay and limestone soils of Carpino, in the province of Foggia in the heart of the Gargano National Park, are perfect for the cultivation of beans: it is no coincidence, then, that right here, as always, they cultivate a specific variety appreciated by the entire Puglia region!
After harvesting, the Carpino beans are dried in the sun in the courts and once dry, the beans are hand beaten, removed from their pods with a wooden fork, and then thrown into the air with wooden blades, allowing the afternoon breeze to take away all the remaining particles.
Small and medium-sized with a dimple at the bottom, the Carpino bean is green at the picking time and then becomes white sand. Tender and tasty, in Puglia the bean is cooked traditionally in earthenware cones over the fireplace. The lots on which the Carpino bean is cultivated are usually very little - on average half a hectare - and the production is quantitatively modest.

Production area: City of Carpino - Province of Foggia 

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