U 'piscquett'l, as is well known in the vernacular, the cookie is a symbol of the city of Ceglie, in the province of Brindisi.
It is a soft and fragrant biscuit, with an irregular shape, prepared from partially cooked almonds partially roasted and then grounde. All local almonds, mixed with sugar, honey, lemon peel, citrus liqueur and then tone up with eggs. When the dough is firm and resistant it’s cut into strips that are seasoned on one side with sweet cherries or grapes, then baked and glazed (the so-called gileppatura) with sugar, sometimes with added cocoa.
Originally, this biscuit was prepared on the occasion of important feasts. Today, the cookie from Ceglie survives thanks to the efforts of a few local pastry shops, the flavors of lemon, almond and cherry reflects the identity of a region that has experienced the employment of various foreign peoples: the Greeks, the Byzantines, the Romans to the Arabs.
Production area: City of Ceglie - Province of Brindisi 

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