Fiaschetto tomato of Torre Guaceto

Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto, in the province of Brindisi, is sweet, juicy, preservable, and is part of the gastronomic history of Puglia: it was the basis for making tomato sauce that all families, including in urban areas, produced for the winter. It was unthinkable to use another type of tomato, well known as the San Marzano: In Brindisi in the red sauce for pasta is what comes from pureeing the Fiaschetto. Yet, in spite of this tradition, the tomato was in danger of disappearing: too expensive, and especially the growing collection, too low compared to the amount of crop profitability of modern hybrid tomato sauce.
Hence the challenge that led to the recovery.

Production area: Torre Guaceto, City of Carovigno - Province of Brindisi 

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