Panificio Paolillo

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 6
Barletta (Barletta-Andria-Trani)


0883 536647   
0883 536647   

About us

Paolillo bakery, quality and tradition

Forneria Paolillo is located in Barletta in the very central Corso Garibaldi, 6/8.

Forneria Paolillo represents one of the most significant baking businesses operating in Barletta, where the "supply chain of wheat," is the most important production centre of the food industry.

Forneria Paolillo has long been committed to providing the highest quality of products obtained by using the "durum wheat semolina" derived from the milling of the best wheat, grown and selected on the territory of Apulia.

Quality is the primary objective, constantly pursued through continuous monitoring of raw materials and an optimal and standardized working process.


The selection of the best raw materials and controls at every stage of production, from the kneading and the natural leavening to the cooking and packaging, are designed to ensure high-quality and genuine baked products.  

Production respecting Apulian traditions

Forneria Paolillo, in addition to the daily production of freshly baked bread, stands out for the production of handmade traditional Apulian Taralli of all types (thin, with fennel seeds, etc..). Biscuits, bread sticks, croutons, Frise (typical bread rings from Lecce), cakes and typical pizzas and desserts, such as cartellette (during Christmas time), sweet almond pastes and the famous Ritagli.


Besides the daily delicacies, Paolillo Bakery offers take-away meals and every night a variety of pizzas and cakes ready to be tasted!

Paolillo bakery is a guarantee of authenticity, quality and respect of the oldest traditions of Apulia.



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