Town of about 1025 inhabitants in the province of Foggia, located on Alberona Subappennino Dauno, in Apulia, Italy.

In 2002 it was awarded the Orange Flag since 2005 and it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. 

Its origins predate the year 1000, founded by the work of exiles fleeing from Calabria and Saracen pirates in search of refuge and shelter.

What to see

Alberona, in Apulia, Italy, is a typical village consists mostly of picturesque rural dwellings, many of which are built in white stones or pebbles. 

Among the major monuments, the Torre del Priore, originally belonging to the Templars, then residence of the Grand Prior of the Order of the Knights of Malta in Barletta. Also to be mentioned are the church of S. Rocco sixteenth century, the Cathedral Church, built on the ruins of a fortress of the Knights Templars and the Church of St. Joseph, of the sixteenth century by the portal in Gothic style and the evocative stone altar. 

Finally, to report Cassitto Palace, dating from the sixteenth century, and the Arc of the Thousand, the cobbled river.


  • Patron Saint's Day in honor of St. John 



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