Galatina is an Apulian town in the Province of Lecce halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea completely plunged in the Salento Region in an area with red fertile soil, and sometimes clayey.
Its Greek origins, evidenced by the name and the coat of arms, few traces remain: the city's history has been documented since 1188, but certainly even before that date there was already a center of  Greek language.
Today Galatina is one of the most typical villages in Salento,with an economy based mainly on trade and agriculture, mustn’t we forget  the production of olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables.

What to see

Among the most important expressions of art and architecture of this town, there is a late-Romanesque and Gothic Basilica of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, named national monument, with a façade in an Apulian-Romanesque style and interiors richly painted.
Particularly striking is the Mother Church, dedicated to Santi Pietro e Paolo, with interesting frescoes on the ceiling, many paintings, statues and precious polychrome marble altars.
Characterized by refined and elegant decorations on the facade and then Chiesa del Carmine, enhanced by various niches and the portal surmounted by a statue of the Madonna del Carmine.
Among the most significant military architecture, we find The Wall divided by many doors, among which Porta Luce, on whose arch we find the coat of arms; Porta Nuova, also known as Porta San Pietro by the dominating saint's statue ; Porta Cappuccini whose  surface is made of blocks of stone.
Among the best examples of civil architecture, finally, Palazzo Sedile,antique location of the old Town Hall, with a sober façade but enriched with Renaissance elements; Palazzzo Orsini, hosts today the Town Hall, Palazzo Tafuri-Mongiò, built in  1580; the Palazzo Ducale, which was originally a Castle,with a  mighty portal surmounted by the crest of the Spinola.


• 28/30 June - Feast of the Patron Saints Peter and Paul
• July - Medieval Night
• July - Watermelon Festival
• August - Festival of Pepper and Eggplant



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