Mesagne is a city of the province of Brindisi, in Apulia, Italy, far only 10 km, and it has approximately 28,000 inhabitant. 
It’s is one of the most populous cities of Salento. Since its origin in messapica time from sixth to third century BC, the city is now an important commercial and agricultural center, which is of great importance in the cultivation of grapes, olives, grain, fruit and tobacco.

What to see

Mesagne, town with a heart shape, is a city full of reminders of its past. Among these, the Great Gate, the main witness of what once were the city walls, complete with towers and walkways. 
In the Old Town, there is the Piazza IV Novembre, also called Lu Sitili, home of the Palace of the District Court where there is the first public clock in the city and now houses the Municipal Library.  
In Piazza IV Novembre we can find  the Mother Church, built where the Byzantine Church of St. Nicola Vetere was. 
Very important are also the archeological complex of Via Castello, whose construction began in 1997, and the Norman Castle, located in Piazza Orsini del Balzo, where the Church of S. Anna is located, built in 1683 and today houses the Museo Civico Ugo Granafei established in 1935.


  • Festival of Fuchezza Chen (stuffed focaccia), a typical dish of the town 
  • Festival of l Stacchiotti (orecchiette) 
  • Festival of peaches 
  • Festival of li cozzi cu la panna (mussels with epifragma) 



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