Minervino Murge



Minervino Murge is an Apulian  town in the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani also known as the balcony of Apulia for its dominance over the Ofanto valley and fully inserted in the Alta Murgia National Park.
From its origins dating back to 2000 years before Christ, it was probably founded by the Japigi , therefore it was a Roman colony. According to the legend, Minervino Murge was founded in 216 BC when a few Roman soldiers, that survived the Battle of Cannae,  found shelter on the Murge. Here they fell in love of the sheperdhesses of the place and decided to stay there, celebrating the wedding rituals in a cave that they dedicated to the goddess Minerva (now the cave of San Michele).
Today Minervino Murge is an important agricultural center, in particular for cereal crops and olives, in fact the municipality is a member of the National Association City of Oil.  Popular are also the cultivation of grapes and almonds.
Of particular importance is the mining of building stones.

What to see

Very interesting is the artistic and architectural heritage preserved in the religious buildings of the city. Among these, the Cattedrale dell’Assunta, a medieval building consecrated in 1608 within which you can still see some remains of its early construction.
Impressive is the Grotta di San Michele now dedicated to the cult of San Michele Arcangelo, a karst cave formed about 2 million years ago,  probably  visited in the early Christian period, and placed at the foot of the town.
Another highlight is the Church of l’Immacolata Concezione, built in 1794 with a rich Baroque façade with two orders in  between two towers.
Among the most important civil and military evidence, we find the Castle, dating back to the fourteenth century and today it has become a Palace, the nineteenth century Tower and the  Old Clock Tower.
In the Town Villa, the Lighthouse cannot be unnoticed, tall 32mt. high.  Built in the middle of the fascist era to commemorate the fallen fascists, after the fall of the regime it has been converted to commemorate of all the martyrs of Puglia.
In the historical center called Scesciola we find the so called House of Shadows, where it is supposed that in the second half of the nineteenth century, lived a famous seer known as  Eusapia Palladino, to whom even to the Tsar of Russia turned to.
From the naturalistic point of view, of  particular beauty is the area of ​​Lake Loconte, an artificial dam made of clay, the second largest in Europe.
Finally, the artificial Forest of Acquatetta, with its 1083 hectares in size is certainly the largest in the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani and among the largest in Apulia. Among the most important plant species you can find wild specimens of oak, holm oaks and thorny oaks.


• Mardi Gras - Carnival of Minervino Murge
• 15 days after Easter – Celebrations in Honour of Mdonna delaa Our Lady on Saturday
• Last Sunday of April - Festival of the Lamb
• September 29 - Celebrations in honor of the patron Saint Michael the Archangel
• Last Sunday of October – Festival of the Cardoncello Mushroom and Sausage



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