Modugno is an Apulian  municipality in the province of Bari,located near the main city,  in a territory generally flat with lames typical of this area .
Its origins probably date back to prehistoric times, Modugno was founded as a real city only in the Middle Ages, and then subjected to the rule of the Normans at first and then of the  Swabian.
Its name probably derives from the Latin word Medunium, which means in the medium, probably in reference to its geographical position placed  half way between Bari and Bitonto

What to see

Among the most important sights and monuments in the modugnese territory, we must mention first of all the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Grotta, an ancient religious settlement located in Lama Lamasinata , which hosted, in the eighth century,  Basilian monks fleeing.
Particularly impressive is the Church of Maria Santissima Annunziata, dating back to the year one thousand, and now the Mother Church of the town, of  which we must mention  the sober style facade of late Renaissance style and the bell tower, taller than 60 meters, in typical Roman-Apulian style.
Walking through the streets of the Old Town, we often find ourselves facing a number of kiosks, like the crucifix, the Madonna of Constantinople, Our Lady of Suffrage, the Nativity, and many others.
Among the best examples of civil architecture, Palazzo Angarano-Maranta, built in the seventeenth century, the former Monastery of Santa Maria della Croce, built in the seventeenth century and today houses the Town Hall, Palazzo Crispo, built between the XVIII-XIX century.
Finally, the Villa Comunale in Piazza Garibaldi, built in 1910 in the Votano, a slight natural depression next to the western wall of the city. Inside, the pizzicara, a real tank from which it was possible to pump rainwater that flowed, and the Monumento dei Caduti (Monument for the War Victims), which is a stone pedestal surmounted by a bronze statue dated 1960, made by the artist Vitantonio De Bellis, depicting a woman who has sacrificed people dearest to her, for thecountry: the soldier shot to death and the veteran.


• March - Festival in honor of the Madonna Addolorata
• March 19 - Bonfire in honour of San Giuseppe and  Festival of the Calzone
• September - Feast in honor of Saint  Rocco and St. Nicholas of Tolentino



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