Molfetta is a city of 60,000 inhabitants in the province of Bari Murgia, including a territory that goes from the hinterland to the sea, overlooking the Adriatic. 

The first settlements in the territory are to be traced back to Neolithic times, as evidenced by the prehistoric site of the Pulo, a large karstic subsidence, although the real origin of the city proper is very likely to be placed in the Roman era. 

Today Molfetta is particularly devoted to fishing, but also firmly linked to agriculture and, especially to fruit, vegetables, oil and flowers.

What to see

Molfetta is a city rich in scenic attractions, art, architecture and culture in general. Among the first, we must mention the Pulo, a karst depression up to 30 meters deep, remains of a Neolithic village have been on theupper edge.

The core of the old city, from the plant in a herringbone pattern, is also known as the Island of St. Andrew, and includes, among other monuments, the Cathedral of St. Corrado, built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the baroque Church of St. Peter, built on an earlier Romanesque church, and, just outside the walls of the center, the Cathedral of the Assumption, which preserves the bones of St. Corrado, patron saint of the city.

Among the best examples of civil architecture in the city,we must remember the Giovene Palace, from the Renaissance facade and built in 500. Worth mentioning, finally, the Watch Towers,such as Torre Calderina dating from the XVI century, in a position visually connected with the Castel del Monte, Tore della Cera dated 1770, Torre Passari, or from the sea that passes, which is part of the defensive wall of the city .


  • Holy Week - Rites of the Passion of Christ 
  • 7-8-9 September - Festival in honor of the Madonna dei Martiri, with a fair and festival at sea 


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