Orsara di Puglia



Orsara di Puglia is a town of 3,000 inhabitants in the province of Foggia in Apulia, Italy, and the Community of the Mountains Dauni Southern Montana, until 1884 called Orsara Dauno Irpina, and until 1927 the province of Avellino, in Campania. 
According to legend, was founded by Homer's Orsara Diomede, and its name derives from the presence of several bears in the territory or, probably the home of Ursus in the Lombard-Byzantine period. 
In recent years the village, the economy is mainly based on agriculture, tourism has received a new impetus thanks to the recognition of Slow Food Town in 2007.

What to see

Among the main examples of religious art and architecture of Apulia Orsara, there is the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, the sixteenth century, the Church of Santa Maria della Neve, built in the seventeenth century, and the convent of San Domenico, from the eleventh century. 
Of particular importance is the Byzantine Abbey of Sant'Angelo, also known as the Abbey of the Annunciation, built between the eighth and the eleventh century and was originally the monastery of St. Nicander and Marcian. Very striking is the Grotto of St. Michele, a pilgrimage from the eighth century. 
Among the best examples of civil construction, the Baron's Palace and the Tower, built in the thirteenth century and which hosted the Knights of Calatrava, and then the Guevara family, lords of Orsara. 
Some main examples of military architecture, finally, Guevara Tower, built in the second half of the seventeenth century and in the 700 residence of Charles III of Bourbon. 


  • May 8 - Day-anniversary of St. Michael 
  • June - Wine Festival 
  • August 5 - Festival in honor of Our Lady of the Snows 
  • September 29 - Feast of St. Michael 
  • November 1 - Fire Acosta and Cocco 'priatorj 



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