Otranto is the most oriental city am Legambiente ong all the Italian municipalities, leans on the Adriatic sea, it’s inhabited by a population of about 5,550 units and is part of the province of Lecce, in Apulia, Italy.
The town's name probably derives from the Latin Odruntum which means water, which is the center of the life of Otranto, recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in 2010 it was awarded the five sails by  and also declared by UNESCO World Heritage of a culture of Peace. 

What to see

Among the major monuments of the city, is the Cathedral of the Annunciation, built on the ruins of a Roman house, the imposing Baroque main entrance and the Renaissance Catherine wheel. 
An important witness to the presence Byzantine in Otranto is the Church of St. Peter, probably built between the ninth and tenth centuries. Instead  in 600 the Church of Our Lady dell'Altomare was built, perched on a tuff  overlooking the sea and entitled to the Holy Spirit. 
Among the examples of civil architecture of the city, we must mention Palace Lopez, whose oldest part dates back to ‘500. Among the archaeological sites, the Hypogeum Torre Pinta, discovered in 1976 and probably dated back to the Neolithic period. 
Among the beautiful scenery, the Deer Cave, a natural cave located in the coastal bay of Porto Badisco, and the Lake of bauxite, located near the Baia dell’Orte.


  • August - Feast of the Blessed Otrantian Martyrs 
  • April 2 - Festival in honor of St. Francesco da Paola
  • 1st Sunday of September - Festival in honor of the Madonna d'Altomare 



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