Palo del Colle



Palo del Colle is a small Apulian town in the Province of Bari that rises on a hill, high approximately 177 meters, which overlooks a wide area  that extends  from the sea to the breathtaking view of the Murgia area. The origins of the town are probably related to the history of the Magna Grecia colonies, and this probably gave the name its first inhabitants “the Palionenses” a term that derives from a Greek and Latin term
Palo del Colle a town rich of relics in remembrance of its past. Among the most important examples of religious art and architecture, it’s worth mentioning the “Chiesa della Madonna della Stella”, the Church of Purgatory, the Church of St. Joseph and the Church of Santa Maria La Porta.

Among the examples of civil art and architecture, stands out the Palace Filomarino della Rocca also called Palace of the Princ. The Palace also includes the remains of an antique Castle with a monumental entrance surmounted by the coat of arms of the noble Family Filomarino d’Aspide. We must also mention Palace Della Mura, the Frasca Palace and the Curci Palace.

Mardi Gras – “Palio of Viccio”



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