Polignano a Mare



Polignano a Mare is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the province of Bari, a town nestled in a landscape of incredible natural beauty, known for being the birthplace of Domenico Modugno. In fact, the old town,  clings to a rocky spur  sheer into the Adriatic Sea, granting a view of one of the world's most beautiful natural sites.

Of particular beauty are also the Sea Caves, the structure of the historic center and the remains of the past Roman rule, including the bridge of Via Traiana, which currently crosses Lama Monachile.

Besides the tourist industry, which  every year in summer registers large numbers of tourists, the city's economy is mainly based on agriculture, and specifically  on vegetables and olives.

What to see

Beyond the extraordinary scenary offered by  nature and  its creations, which we have already mentioned, Polignano a Mare is a city full of monuments and creations of great artistic, historical and architectural value. Among all, a well-preserved part of  Via Traiana, which in Roman times linked Rome to Brindisi and that today connects the two ends of Lama Monachile.

Of particular beauty and completely integrated is the charming Old Town, is  the Marchesale Arch equipped with a drawbridge and until the eighteenth century considered as the only entrance to the  town.

On the vaulted ceiling of the Marchesale Arch there is a painting depicting the Crucifixion, painted in medieval times by an unknown painter.

Among some main examples of civil architecture, Palazzo del Governatore, Palazzo del Feudatatario,   and Palazzo dell’Orologio where once  instead of a clock, it housed  a sundial.

Among the most important evidences of art and religious architecture of the town, the Abbey of San Vito. According to the legend, in 801 the ship of Princess of Florenza landed on these shores,  with the relics of the body of San Vito and his preceptors, Modesto and Crescenza , remains that have been treasured by the Basilian Monastic Community, who lived  in the caves underneath the present abbey.


• March - Celebration across the city in honor of San Giuseppe with bonfires 
• June 14/15/16 - Feast in honor of San Vito
• July -  Celebration in honor of the Madonna del Carmine


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