Porto Cesareo



Porto Cesareo is a small town in Puglia, with just about 5,600 inhabitants, located on the Ionian coast of Salento in the province of Lecce, far from it only 28 km. 
At the time of the Romans the town, named  Portus Sasinae, was an important port especially for the trade of agricultural products coming from the hinterland area of the lower part of Puglia. Today Porto Cesareo is a major touristic city for the entire Puglia region. The coast is full of islands, reefs and long stretches of sand dunes. 
Porto Cesareo has also a Marine Protected Area and the Oriented Reserve for the Apulia Region del Conte and Coastal Area. 

What to see

Among the most important examples of religious architecture in Porto Cesareo we must mention the Church of  Madonna del Perpetuo Soccorso, built in 1880 and located next to the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Santa Cesarea, erected in 1639. 
Among the most important examples of military architecture, there are different coastal towers lined up along the coast: Torre Cesarea, a 16  meters high square tower, residence for the Coast Guard, Torre Chianca, located on the peninsula of Scala di Furno headquarter for an important prehistoric site for all  Puglia region, Torre Lapillo, one of the largest towers which houses the Touristic Environmental Tours office. 
On the bottom, in front of  Torre Chianca we must mention the seven columns in cipollino marble, tall 9 meters and discovered in 1960 but dating back to the second century A.D. Finally, of particular prestige  for Puglia,  we find the Marine Protected Area, of about 17,00 hectares, and the Natural Reserve, which covers about 1000 hectares. 


  • June - Fish Festival 



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