San Ferdinando di Puglia



San Ferdinando di Puglia is a town in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani founded in 1847 by Ferdinand II of Bourbon as an agricultural colony in the attempt to weaken the economic and social difficulties of the populations  living in the southern part of the Tavoliere.
The town lies on the left bank of the river Ofanto on a hill overlooking the surrounding area at a height of about 60 meters, in an area that is expression of the  profound agricultural vocation of the municipality.
Since its origins, San Ferdinando di Puglia has based its economy on the primary sector, assuming a leading role in Puglia in the cultivation of peaches, artichokes, grapes and olive trees.

What to see

Among the most important monuments and places of San Ferdinando di Puglia,you can admire  the imposing Clock Tower, dating back to the early twentieth century, with its octagonal shape and topped on the rooftop with a  siren sounded punctually every day at eight o'clock in the morning and at noon .
In front of the Clock Tower stands the Chiesa Matrice ( Mother Church), which dates back to the '50s, designed by Diego Genovese.
Of particular interest is Chiesa del Soldo , commonly called the Church of Maria SS del Rosario and built in the early twentieth century by the pastor of the Mother Church Raphael Lopez using the weekly handout of the faithful.
Among the best examples of civil architecture, is the Posta di San Cassano (Post of San Cassano), together with the Church of Santi Medici, the most antique building in town.


• October / November - Artichoke National Fair  
• November - Patron Saint


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