San Pietro Vernotico



San Pietro Vernotico is a small town in the Puglia about 15,000 inhabitants located in the ancient province of Brindisi and precisely in the Messapica Plain today called Tavoliere of Lecce, and completely immersed in the suggestive Negramaro Park, which includes the Marina di Campo di Mare, overlooking the Adriatic. 
According to legend, San Pietro Vernotico born thanks to St Peter who, wishing to expand its territory, broke on  San Marco’s head, the founder of Cellino San Marco, a melon. These  reacted by biting  Saint Peter’s ear. 
Since 2008 San Pietro Vernotico has experienced an important industrial development, although the country's main assets are linked to agriculture and cultivation of olives, wine grapes and artichokes. 

What to see

The pride of this Apulian town is the Church of St. Peter, which dates back to the xv century, whose beauty is worth mentioning especially for the four paintings of the evangelists, the representation on the altar of St. Peter and Jesus and the churchyard, surrounded by a square with an oval drone. 
Remarkable is also the Mother Church, built in 1400 which houses a beautiful statue of St. Peter Apostle created in Venetian style of 1700. Right in town is located The Torre Baronale, the oldest church of San Pietro Vernotico, with a  square base, complete with battlements and embrasures.  
Best  expression of the spontaneons Apulian city are the "case a cannizzu" (typical houses) with walls made of dry stone, sealed with clay in white limestone, they have been named after the reeds that were placed as a structure and surmounted by a mixture of clay, lime and straw. 
In 1600 was built the Chapel of the Madonna del Carmelo was built and in 1688 the Church of San Giuseppe. San Pietro Vernotico  also includes the charming Marina  “Campo di Mare”, right the middle of the Salento area, with crystal clear water, a mild climate and overlooking the 'Adriatic Sea. 


  • January - ”Focare” in honor of Saint Anthony 
  • April - Flagstick, an event to commemorate the Turkish invasion 
  • June - Festival in honor of St. Peter Apostle 
  • July - Independence Day in honor of the Madonna del Carmine 
  • August - Feast of the Snails
  • December – Fair of the Immaculate  and the “Pittule” Festival 


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