San Severo



The city of San Severo, capital of Molise and Capitanata until 1579, now is a town of 55,000 inhabitants located in the province of Foggia, in the middle of Il Tavoliere della Puglia,in Italy.
According to a legend, the foundation of the city happened thanks to Diomede, who gave the name of Castrum Drionis. In 536 S. Lorenzo Maiorano, Bishop of Siponto, the imposed the name of the Governor Severo to the town, which he converted to Christianity. 
Today, San Severo, in addition to the City of Art, is known for producing wine grapes, olives and grain quality.

What to see

Among the major artistic and architectural attractions of the city, there is the Old Town city enclosed within the ancient city walls, now lost, interrupted by seven gates, along which you can admire different monuments. 
Among them we can mention Palazzo De Petris, Fraccacreta Palace, three major monasteries of the Benedictine Sisters, Celestine and Franciscans. In the historic center stands the Mother Church of S. Severino, the patron saint of the city, from the outside in typical Romanesque style. Another highlight is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which preserves a particularly precious baptismal font from the twelfth century. 
Worth mentioning, finally, is the Bishop's Palace, the Palace of the eighteenth century and the Theatre Workshop, among the largest in Apulia.


  • May - Festa del Soccorso, Patron Saint's day in honor of the Madonna del Soccorso 
  • Recurrence of December 8th-Immaculate Conception and bonfires 
  • November - Feast of St. Martin and wine fair 



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