San Vito dei Normanni



San Vito dei Normanni is a small town in the Province of Brindisi placed only  9 km away from the coast washed by the Adriatic Sea and not far from the Valle d'Itria, in a flat area of ​​a llimestone soil and dotted with stone walls erected to divide the farm lots.
The name of the town is linked to the Slavoni, who founded the first settlement in 963, baptizing Castri Sancti Viti in honor of San Vito,  probably with Slavic origin. The name Normanni  was subsequently added to the name in honor of Boemond d’Altavilla, considered the founder of the medieval village.
Among the main local crops, of great importance are fruits, vegetables, almonds and olives.

What to see

Among the treasures locked in this small village called San Vito dei Normanni, we find the Church of Santa Maria della  Vittoria  in which are stored in particular three beautiful statues of San Vito, the patron saint, respectively, in silver, papier-mâché and wood.
Instead the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista was built in Baroque style, the façade made in local stone , and inside numerous paintings of  Serafino Elmo, a leccese painter.
Built in 1928 by the will of Concetta Carlucci, following a vision in which  she was invited to awaken the cult of the saint in the city and finally the church of San Michele Arcangelo. The structure is very simple, recently enriched by a bronze portal surmounted by a lunette with a bas-relief depicting San Michele Arcangelo, made by the sculptor Cosimo Giuliano from Latiano, and a statue depicting Concetta Carlucci.
In the area surrounding the village, there is a  great number of rock dwellings built by  Byzantine monks, fleeing because due to their  religion. Of all the caves, we have here the Grotta di San Biagio, filled with frescoes and inscriptions, the Crypt of San. Nicola, the Crypt of San Giovanni and the Crypt of Santa Maria di San Giacomo al  Casale.
Among the best examples of military architecture, finally, there is a medieval castle called Castello Denice di Frasso, the ancient square tower, surrounded by extensive gardens.


• January 6 - Focara
• January / February - Farfugghji, parade of floats
• June 15 - Festival in honor of San Vito Martire



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