Santa Cesarea Terme



Santa Cesarea Terme is a small town in the province of Lecce, in Apulia, Italy, of about 3,000 inhabitants which overlooks the Adriatic Sea. 
The town, perched on a high rocky  outcrop overlooking the sea, is now an important beach resort of Salento and best known for its thermal springs of sulphurous water-salt-bromoiodiche according to legend, formed by the decay of the body of the monstrous Leuterni killed by Heracles .

What to see

In addition to the thermal baths and hot springs of considerable artistic and architectural importance is the Mother Church of the Sacred Heart built in the sixteenth century on the very spot where, according to Christian tradition, the Virgin Cesaria died. 

Important examples of civil architecture of the city are the moorish Sticchi Villa, built between 1894 and 1900, and Raffaella Villa, built in the middle of the 800 with an eclectic style, now used as  accommodation facility. 

Finally we must also point out the Miggiano Coastal Towers, Santa Cesarea, Specchia di Guardia and Minervino, all built in the sixteenth century by Charles V with the protective function for the Salento territory from invaders arriving from the sea.


  • Monday - Festival of Cuddhura (bread with boiled egg) 
  • September 11 to 12 - Festival in honor of the Holy Virgin Cesaria 



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