Spinazzola, an Apulian town of the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, stands on a terrace surrounded by cliffs, where from the slopes flows water making it a city full of water.
It has ancient  origins, which date back to the third century BC, and the name probably derives from former lone pine, from which the word  Espinosolo,  therefore  Spinosolo and finally Spinazzola. The city, for a long time has been part of the Basilicata region, but has become  part of Apulia only in 1811 thanks to  a decree of Joachim Murat.
Today Spinazzola is a center with a predominantly agricultural tradition, with important crops and in greenhouses.

What to see

Among the major monuments and sights of Spinazzola we must mention, the remains of the town, above all the medieval walls of the city and the ruins of Castello Garagnone.
Among the best examples of art and religious architecture, the Church dell’Annunziata, built in 1936, a former Franciscan monastery and placed in the city center.
Of particularly religious importance the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima del Boscos, located near the city grove, not far from the town.  The Sanctuary  inside treasures  the sacred image of the Madonna  del Bosco: every Tuesday after Easter  the image is carried in procession to Mother Church, and then in the month of August it’s taken back to the Sanctuary.
For the presence of numerous springs, Spinazzola is a city rich of water and many fountains: Dirolla, Raica, Pilone, San Francesco, San Vincenzo, Gadone, Accannata, Casalvecchio Pisciarello.
From  a naturalistic point of view, Spinazzola is surrounded by many forests. Among all, Bosco Monterozzi di Labriola-Longo heirs and the Bosco - Logrono Heirs, where we can find  the largest oak tree in the Apulian region, bordering on the territory of Montemilone.


• June - Feast in honor of San Vito
• August - Feast in Honour of Maria Santissima del Bosco
• 1st week of November - Cardoncello Mushroom Festival


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