Mancaversa has a long coastline approx. 2km and is near the most popular salentine beaches far 6 km from Gallipoli
Marina di Mancaversa is mainly characterized by a low cliff whit little cloves with clear , transparent water, uncontaminated and rich in flora and fauna.
Infact Mancaversa has only one small beach, called “The sea of the horses”, a small sandy beach resort of only 300 metres, the sand soon leaves its place to rocks full of seashells and sea urchins.
Beautiful and impressive is one of  the watchtowers built to intercept the frequent saracene invasions that that since 1500 have deeply strained the people of Salento.
What to see
Mancaversa is  an ideal place for a calm and relaxing holiday with friends and relatives, quiet and relaxing place, only nature , gastronomy and relax.
The small beach that we have mentioned called “the sea of the horses” is a jewel set in the rocks with a crystal clear sea and a fine sandy beach.
The name comes from the fact that anciently farmers used to go to come down to the beach to wash their horses.
Infact today it is possible  to see the many traces left by the wooden carts on the soft sand of the Rocky coast, right in front of the sea.



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