Terlizzi, also known as city of flowers due to the importance that the floral business has for the city's economy, is a town in the province of Bari, in Apulia, Italy, about 27,000 inhabitants located in the lower Murgia. 

Founded around the sixth century AD, the town derives its name from Terlicium, "place placed among the oaks", which are developed very much in the area. In addition to flowers, Terlizzi's economy is particularly related to textile companies, companies processing agricultural products and crafts, and in particular the production of ceramics and pottery.

What to see

Very impressive is the Old Town of Terlizzi, a set of radial paths are identical to the old medieval city which all converge towards the Cathedral of St. Michele Arcangelo, built between the eighteenth and nineteenth century on the foundations of the ancient Romanesque cathedral. 

Artistically  important is  the Church of S. Maria La Nova, built in the early '500, in which are kept two altars dedicated to the eighteenth century and the SS. Rosary and a wooden pulpit built in 1714. 

Symbol of the city is the tower of the Norman Castle 31 meters high with its majestic clock. Destination of many pilgrimages is the Sanctuary of Sovereto, in which is venerated a Byzantine icon depicting the Black Madonna and Child, now patron of the city.


  • Commemoration of the struggle of the discovery of the icon of the Virgin with the construction of the triumphal chariot.



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