Ugento is a town in the province of Lecce,Puglia located in the heart of Salento, overlooking the Ionian Sea, with about 12,000 inhabitants. 
The coast, which alternates the  low and sandy beaches with short rocky, extends for a length of about 8 km. From its origins which lose themselves in a time that goes before the advent of Christ, besides playing an important role as the religious center of Salento,it was also an impregnable fortress and a civilization thriving agriculture and artisan. 
Today Ugento is a city of Apulia devoted to agriculture and tourism, but also dedicated to the local production of olives and grapes. 

What to see

Among the most important monuments of the city of Ugento, we find  the Castle, probably with Roman origins, renovated several times in the Angevin period. Instead the Church of Our Lady of Constantinople dates back to the early seventeenth century, it  has a rectangular shape, a barrel-vaulted roof and the interior is adorned with frescoes. 
In the area called “Cuppelle”, among the rocky outcrops of considerable importance we find “Colombaia”, with a medieval origin and with an opening, just about 1 meter wide. 
Of particular interest is the crypt of the Crucifixion probably of messapican origin and the entrance is topped by a lunette, painted with a scene of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Among the most important examples of architecture we find Palazzo Colosso, which hosts today  the Museum, the Workshop Quarter and the ancient Roman and the Medieval Necropolis located in the area of  Saint  Antonio. 


  • January 22 - Day and Fair in honor of the Patron Saint Vincenzo 
  • February 16 - Festival in honor of Madonna  della Luce
  • March 19 – “Focareddrhe” in honor of Saint Giuseppe 
  • September 26 to 28 - Festival in honor of the Santi Medici
  • September - International Fair of archeology "Zeus City of Ugento”



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