Tomato Regina from Torre canne

Regina is the name of a local variety of tomatoes, is grown in high Salento, between Fasano and Ostuni, in the coastal saline soils of the Park of Coastal Dunes, from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo upto Egnatia, along the ancient Trajan road. The name of this tomato is inspired by the characteristics of the pedicle, which take has the shape of a growing crown. The berries are small and round. The skin, pretty thick - in fact a feature due to salt water with which you irrigate the gardens near the sea - it increases the preservation of this variety and the resistance to parasites. The cultivation of the Regina tomato goes back to the mid-800, when he replaced the cotton: up until then a minor part of land was always reserved to the tomato.

Area of ​​production: Fasano and Ostuni – Province of Brindisi 

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