Carovigno is a small town in the Apulia region of about 15,000 inhabitants located in the province of Brindisi and partially in Altosalento. 
Situated on a hill at 172 meters, the town has messapian origins and its name probably derives from the greek Kerpen, reminiscent of the fertility of its lands, and perhaps also by messapico Karp,  the hill on which was the city was erected and walled. 
Today Carovigno is a small town in Puglia with an economy based on agriculture and in particular the cultivation of olives, figs, almonds, cereals, grapes and vegetables. 
Famous also for wool spinning and processing of a compact local limestone.

What to see

Among the most important evidence of the past and the history of Carovigno (Puglia), we must mention above all the megalithic walls and the subsequent Aragon boundary, dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and therefore the opening of Porta Brindisi, Porta Nuova and Arco del Prete. 
The main monument in town is the Castle Dentice di Frasso dating back to the XIV - XV century, a real  fortified residence with huge triangular towers. 
Torre Santa Sabina, built in the sixteenth century, is a defense construction located right by the sea, instead Torre Guaceto is a tower from the sixteenth century. 
Among the most important examples of local religious art, we have the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Belvedere, 1875, which bears on the altar a painting depicting the Virgin, much revered by local people. 
Then there is the Church of St. Anna, the Parish of the Assumption which has on the main altar a beautiful painting  representing the Last Supper and right next to City Hall there is the Church del Carmine. 


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