Giovinazzo is a town in the province of Bari, in Apulia, Italy, of around 20,500 inhabitants. 

Of uncertain origins, legend says that the city was founded in Roman times by the Noto, who fled from their city Netium during the Punic Wars, which giving  it the name of Jove-Neutium, or Neo-Netium, New Netium. 

Today Giovinazzo has an important fishing port, various commercial and industrial activities have established.

What to see

Among the most important historical city, the Arch of Trajan, which takes its name from the Emperor who had to reinforce the defensive walls of the city, the Aragonese tower, visible from the port city, the Fort and the Aragon Walls. 

Among the most important examples of religious architecture, the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Maria Assunta, built in 1113, the Church of S. Maria of Constantinople, with its  beautiful rose window, and inside the imposing statue of St. Christopher by the local sculptor Altieri, and the Church of the Holy Spirit, featuringthe typical roofing system based on shells made made according to the same system as the trulloesi. Among the examples of civil architecture, the baroque terraces of Spinelli Sagarriga Palace from the XIII-XIV century, but the medieval tower and the Ducale Judge Cellucci Palace, built in 1659 overlooking the sea.

In the city area, finally,we must  mention the Dolmen San Silvestro, Gavetone Tower, a coastal Saracenic lookout tower , and the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, built on a former medieval church.


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