Margherita di Savoia



Margherita di Savoia is an important thermal resort in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, located in the center of  an area rich of history, art and culture and it’s also an excellent touristic attraction in the region.
Overwatching the Adriatic Sea, Margherita di Savoia extends itself for about 1km. on a sandy coast and on low bottoms in a territory naturalistically very attractive. The city’s  origins dating back to the third century BC, and was named  Saline of Barletta until 1879, when it was baptized again as Margherita di Savoia in honor of the Queen of Italy.
The Terme of Margherita di Savoia is one of the most  complete and prestigious  thermal resorts in central and southern Italy.  The thermal waters come directly from the salt deposits. The high salt concentration, the amount of  bromine and iodine make the "mother water" particularly effective in the prevention and treatment of various gynecological , dermatology, ear, respiratory and osteo-articular  diseases.
Very important for the economy and the development of the town are the ancient Salines, already known to Pliny the Elder, extended over a long stretch that runs almost parallel to the southern Adriatic coast for about  20 km. The average annual production of the Salina of Margherita di Savoia is about 6 million tons, figures that makes an idea on the extent and potential productivity of largest Salina in Italy.

What to see

Margherita di Savoia is a town full of attractions. Very striking is the first so-called tower of stone, built in 1568 and located on the sea, Right across of the promontory of San Nicolao de Petra, from which it takes  its name, today it’s completely engulfed due to the powerful erosion of the sea


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