Monte Sant'Angelo



Monte Sant'Angelo is an Apulian town in the Province of Foggia located in the Gargano National Park of which it’s part of, a wooded area not far from the sea, but known in Italy and worldwide, especially for the famous Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, destination for many pilgrimages since the sixth century. 
The town of Monte Sant'Angelo was born in the year one thousand,  but it’s history begins at least five centuries before, precisely  on the 8th of May 490 when, according to the hagiographic tradition, Lorenzo Maiorano, holy bishop of Siponto had a vision of the Archangel, who ordered him to dedicate a karst cave, located in the area, to Christian worship. 
But that was not the only apparition of the Archangel in the area: many others  followed, and the last miraculous one is dated 1656, when San Michele appeared,  during the plague, to the bishop of Manfredonia John Puccinelli Alfonso gracing and healing. The economy of the area owes much to the cult of San Michele Arcangelo, but important are also the farming and agricultural activities.

What to see

Monte Sant'Angelo is a place of attraction for Christian pilgrims from all around the world that  come to visit the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo. Built by Carlo d’Angiò in the twelfth century, the Sanctuary has a massive bronze door on which many scenes from the Old and New Testament are depicted. Inside, the Grotta di San Michele Arcangelo (the Cave of San Michele Arcangelo) has a striking opening created by a karst phenomenon, where according to a legend, the Archangel appeared. 
Particularly beautiful is also the Tomb of the Rotari, a baptistry dating back to the twelfth century where valuable reliefs are still visible today  on the portal. We must mention, as examples, of  religious art and architecture  the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, dating back to the eleventh century, and the Pulsano Abbey, a monastery located about ten kilometers from Monte Sant'Angelo built in the year 591 on the ruins of a former pagan oracular temple dedicated to Calchas. 
An important example of art and military architecture, is the Castle, built between the year 837 and 838 by Orso I, bishop of Benevento, it was later on  expanded by  the Normans, the Swabians and Anjous.To help us remember the past of this  town, we find  the remains of the walls, dating back to the year two hundred and still partially visible today.


• May 8 - Feast of the Apparition of San Michele on the Gargano
• October / November – Feast of the Chestnut
• March 16 – Fanoje of  San Giuseppe


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