Putignano is a municipality in the province of Bari of about 28,000 inhabitants located in the hills of the Murgia. 

There are several theories about the origin of its name. The first theory, traces the name from Putignano Potamos, or river, the same that once crossed the city. 

Then there is the possible derivation from Puteus janus, which in Hebrew means wine, related to the use of the population to deposit must in countryside tanks.There is also the possible derivation from Pithunis Apollo, slayer of the serpent Python, because of the alleged presence of a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo in a cave at Mount Laureto, a hill agro putignanese. 

Today Putignano, city particularly  dedicated to cattle breeding and production of grasses, is best known for its famous Carnival and its the karstic caves.

What to see

Among the most important religious monuments of the city, the Church of St. Peter the Apostle, the city's first church dedicated to their saint, who according to the legend, back in 45 evangelized it.

Lovely is the church of Santa Maria la Greca, located just outside the walls of the city, which treasures among other things a valuable Byzantine portrait of the Virgin. 

Then there is the Convent of the Carmelites, built in 1568, with annexed Church of the Convent, with precious furniture  from the seventeenth century. Finally, the Church and Convent of San Domenico, whose construction began in 1664, the imposing eighteenth-century façade and inside richly decorated with stucco. 

Necessarily to be mentioned is the  Cave of St. Michele is located on Mount Laureto and valuable record of rock civilization. 


  • January-February - Carnival 
  • July - Independence Day in honor of Maria SS del Carmine 
  • July - a celebration in honor of St. Stephen, patron of the city 
  • October - Feast of the Mushrooms
  • December 13 – Fireworks of  S. Lucia 


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