Vieste is a town in the province of Foggia (Puglia), located in the eastern part of the Gargano promontory, on a small rocky peninsula with two peaks, Punta San Francesco and Punta Santa Croce, who design three bays. 
The town, which exists since  the Neolithic Age, is one of the most important beach resorts and one of the most important touristic cities in Puglia. For the beauty and quality of its sea, the city has been repeatedly awarded with the Blue Flag. 
Vieste also belongs to the Gargano National Park and the Gargano Mountain Community.

What to see

One of the most beautiful monuments of this Apulian is dedicated to the Cathedral of the Assumption, Apulian Romanesque style and located in one of the highest areas of Vieste. Here we also find  the Castle, another Swabian castle in Puglia, it has a triangular base and is placed on the rocks overlooking the sea. 
Around these monuments, there is also the Porta ad Alt, the city’s main entrance with pointed arches. Among the main natural beauties of all Puglia, we find right in here  Pizzomunno, a monolith distant about 25 meters south of the village. 
Among the beautiful landscapes that distinguishes the Gargano from the rest of Puglia, we must  mention theso called trebuchets, which are fishing facilities equipped with wooden arms necessary to support the fishing net. 
Not far from the coast, we find the Early Christian Necropolis called “La Salata”, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Merino and various  bizarre shaped caves, carved by the sea, among which the Architiello. 


  • May 9 - Festival in honor of St. Maria Merino 
  • April 23 - Festival in honor of St. George with a horse race 
  • 1st Saturday of September - Festival in honor of Santa Maria Stella Maris 


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