Sava is a small town in Taranto, Puglia, with a little over 15,000 inhabitants situated in North Salento  and a few kilometers from the Ionian coast. 
From its origins, probably messapian, we find the foundation of the village of Sava, and it origins date back to the 1400, while only in the Napoleonic era the town received its municipal autonomy. 
The economy of the Apulian town is mostly linked to agriculture, to the olive oil sector, and especially to wine, and it consists mainly in the cultivation of the primitive wine, producing the well known Primitivo di Manduria. 

What to see

Among the most important examples of religious architecture in the city, is the Shrine of Our Lady of Pasano, dating back to 1400 and located about 3 km from the town. 
Very impressive is the Mother Church, built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the neoclassical facade and bell tower, built in 1782, in typical Baroque style. 
We must also mention another precious gem like, the Convent of St. Francis, one of the most beautiful architectural relics of the Franciscan Salento, enriched by numerous frescoes of the artists Bocchetti and  Valzano. 
Among the most important examples of civil architecture in the city, is Palazzo Baronale, where today houses City Hall and includes an ancient underground olive press, which is possible to visit today. 
The Limitone of the Greeks, is a long wall which was originally located on the border between the Messapian territory and the Magna Greek territory. 


  • June 24 - Festival in honor of St. Giovanni Battista 
  • December - Nativity 


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