Bitonto is a town in the province of Bari about 56,500 inhabitants, also known as a city of vast lands full of olive trees for olive crops included in its territory. 

Located in the High Murge Plateau, the city was founded, according to tradition, named after Boton, an Illyrian king. 

Even today Bitonto is supported  primarily by agriculture and especially on the cultivation of  olives.

What to see

Among the main cultural and historical attractions of Bitonto, we must mention first of the all the Old Town, the medieval  Trapezoidal plant overlooking the south side on the edge of valley.

Inside the Old Town, stands the Palazzo Sylos Labini, dating back to 400 and the Gothic-Catalan, Palace Reign and the residences of Sylos Sersale and Sylos Calò. Among the most important examples of religious architecture, there is the Cathedral, dating from the medieval times to the Virgin and St. Valentino. Of great importance is also the Abbey of St. Leo, built in 400, and the Church of S. Francis of Assisi, also known as della Scarpadalla with a beautiful facade in Romanesque style. 

There are also many rural churches surrounded by olive trees and crops, among them, S. Cross, S. Eugene Torre and S. Cela Basil.


  • September-October - Festival in honor of SS. Cosma e Damiano 
  • Holy Week - Rites of Passion 


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